Luke Stephenson 99x99s 4


April 24, 2014 by

Photographer Luke Stephenson has set himself a tasty summer photography challenge – To photograph 99 different 99s from 99 different places across Great Britain!

"Ads pushing app downloads are coming to Twitter:"

April 23, 2014 via Twitter

"While Facebook is cracking down on ‘like-baiting’, Twitter tells us to ‘ask for what you want’…"

April 22, 2014 via Twitter

"Police are testing a “Live Google Earth” to watch crime as it happens:"

April 16, 2014 via Twitter

Peter Baetan wooden 2D chess board

Moleskine-inspired lasercut wooden chess set

April 16, 2014 by

Belgian designer Peter Baetan has designed and created this minimal chess set inspired by his love of classic leather notebooks. We love the simplistic nature of the chess pieces, and the wonderful natural wood grain.

After work ping pong at bounce..!
Pearson choose Strawberrysoup as their digital agency

Pearson choose Strawberrysoup as their digital agency for English Language Teaching

April 14, 2014 by

We’ve been pretty busy lately working closely with Pearson focusing on digital strategy, UX and search, as well as the design and development of 22 global product websites.

London marathon today, congratulations to all runners...
We're massive fans of @plumen bulbs.. Love this!
Spring is officially here!
Who knew there was a castle near old street #london

"Facebook cracks down on like-baiting in posts:"

April 11, 2014 via Twitter

"Ever needed to print something while you’re out & about & wished you had a printer in your pocket? Maybe not, but.."

April 11, 2014 via Twitter

"The major OpenSSL security flaw The Heartbleed Bug – What is it and how you can fix it:"

April 9, 2014 via Twitter

Lightroom Mobile

Adobe launches Lightroom Mobile for iPad and iPhone

April 8, 2014 by

The rumours were true! Adobe has released a much-desired mobile version of Lightroom…

"This little bit of HTML5 Canvas fun is oddly addictive/mesmerising… Just me?"

April 8, 2014 via Twitter

"Intel creates proprietary font called Intel ‘clear’ – a first in its 45 year history…"

April 8, 2014 via Twitter

Testing next week for a great client website... So @chazsmi is working in the pod.... #workinghard #pod

"Building the business case for investment in Instagram marketing: Does your SM strategy take it seriously enough?"

April 4, 2014 via Twitter

First work BBQ of the year... #bbq #summerscoming #itsfriday
Monument Valley

Monument Valley now available for iOS

April 3, 2014 by

Monument Valley, the beautifully designed game inspired by the works of M.C. Escher created by ustwo, is now available to purchase and play on iOS devices!

"Nectar runs ‘Hide ‘n’ Tweet’ competition to encourage people to spend time looking around their website:"

April 3, 2014 via Twitter

"Ever wondered how they paint BUS STOP on roads? Us neither, but this video of just that isn’t as boring as it sounds:"

April 3, 2014 via Twitter

"Innovative design is undervalued in the UK:"

April 2, 2014 via Twitter

We had a great time at #techhubtuesday last night. Great startups, then beer and pizza...
cosaveli cyclist

New sites for Cosaveli and Trois Etapes

April 1, 2014 by

We have recently launched two new sites for the pro-am cycle series Trois Etapes and the event organisers Cosaveli and are excited to share them with you!

"Paul Smith 50th Anniversary Carl Hansen & Søn Shell Chair"

March 30, 2014 via Twitter

Awesome food great coffee... We love Borough market
Kit Heath B2B

British Jewellery Designer, Kit Heath, appoints Strawberrysoup as B2B digital partner

March 27, 2014 by

We’re pleased to announce that British jewellery designer Kit Heath have chosen Strawberrysoup as their digital partner for the B2B side of their business.

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