Redesigning TV with 4seven

The latest addition to the Channel 4 family, 4seven, was launched yesterday with a really nice brand identity package for both off- and on-screen, produced by ManvsMachine.

The design is based around a corner wrap illusion using the Channel 4 logo and a 3d ‘7’. The package includes a series of idents and brand guidelines for styling the logo at different times of the day on-screen, and for different uses off-screen.

The new channel itself is an interesting concept: It shows the best-received programmes of that week, with the 8-10pm slot dedicated to the programmes from the previous day that created the most buzz in newspapers and on social media.

4seven was launched in response to viewers saying they often missed the best programmes, and even with TV recording services and On Demand, Channel 4 saw this as an opportunity to seize – It’s the future of reactive television!