5 reasons the library is awesome for marketing

Do you remember how much fun the library was when you were a kid? It was this incredible place that had every book you ever wanted and you were allowed to take them home for free! The trouble is, as we get older, we go to the library less and less and especially when we publish more to the web we assume it’s the best place to source our research.

Here’s our rundown of how you can properly utilise this amazing source of information…

Your local library has access to more books than you think

For just 50p, you can reserve any book at any library in your county, and have it delivered to the library of your choice. And you can do all this online. So if that latest best seller is on loan, you can still get hold of it within a few days for the price of a newspaper.

It’s timeless

Online, it can be difficult to tell when a piece was first written. As with digital, information can be updated and changed without most people realising. This means, often out of date information can still be present, as can outdated information.

There’s less fuzz

Nowadays, the internet has so many sources of information, it is often difficult to tell the difference between what is factual and what is opinion, it also means there are so many different source of conflicting information. At least in the library, you’ll know what you’re reading the original source and when it was published.

Even the library has gone digital

The library offers free (yes free) subscriptions to newspapers, magazines and graphic novels. Depending on where you live, you can enjoy your favourite titles for nothing more than an app download onto your tablet or smart phone. If you’ve ever used Ancestry.com you’ll know it’s a brilliant (yet slightly pricey) way of finding your long lost relatives and a wealth of information about them. If you go and access the site via your local library, you can get access for free.

It’s quiet and inspirational

This final reason might seem strange, but in this permanently connected world of chatter and noise, there are very few places where you can go that encourage you to be quiet! When publishing a book, a lot more thought went into audience, content and depth of information. While your blog probably shouldn’t take this long, taking the time and effort to get it right can make all the difference.

We haven’t even touched on the fact communities can use the library for any number of events, that they have free kids activities in the holidays when everywhere else wants to charge you a fortune to entertain your kids, and that fundamentally libraries are there to share knowledge and make everyone smarter. And who doesn’t want that? It’s your tax money at work – go make the most of it!