A goodbye from Elly


My time with Strawberrysoup has a been an adventure. I have been a part of so many great projects and enjoyed being one of a very talented team. I started in January 2010 after finishing uni in 2009 and had a lot of design enthusiasm and a passion for learning but lacked in actual project experience. Over the years the rest of the team have helped me develop my skills and become the designer I am today. I have naturally been drawn to a love for working on UX projects. Solving problems and creating platforms that work better and are easier to use is my favourite thing about design.

One of my favourite projects was ITS where I worked on several UI projects. Getting my head around some of their complicated interfaces wasn’t easy but I enjoyed the challenge. We created a new look and feel bringing their systems up to date as well as helping transform the user journeys and make improvements along the way. The team at ITS were a pleasure to work with.



I was involved heavily in the design element of Dssmove, designing their brand and website. This was an opportunity to create a strong brand and help design a great service. Since the launch the website has been growing and it’s been very rewarding to see my hard work go to use as the popularity of the website has increased.


In the recent months I have been working on a project for Dike & Son. This has been a 3 staged project to help them become the first independent supermarket to offer online shopping. We have already launched phase 1, which is a CMS website for the store and I’m looking forward to seeing phases 2 and 3 go live in the next year. Here is a sneak preview:

Dike & Son

As well as working on engaging projects we have had some other exciting adventures. Back in 2010 Neil and I visited Delft University, for a workshop organised by Ecomind, to lean about how Strawberrysoup can offer more sustainable products and services. We met so many inspiring designers and innovators. I have also enjoyed numerous social events with, eating, drinking, bbqs, bike riding, walking, dancing and fancy dress. Everyone gave me a good send off on wednesday with lunch and drinks at the pub nearby.

I am very sad to be leaving, thank you for a fab four years Strawberrysoup!