Adam says goodbye to Strawberrysoup

When a company finds itself not just being a job but more of a family, then you know that you are part of something special.

Strawberrysoup is one of those special companies; a company founded on the firm foundations of friendship (be it in a shed) and the desire to create solutions for clients that not only last the test of time, but also innovate from a design and development perspective.

The past three years at Strawberrysoup have gone so fast and the amount of knowledge I have gained from working with other talented people is second to none. If anyone tells you that you work better and learn more alone, it’s not true. I’ve not learnt just technical skills but people skills as well.

Everyone here has always been very supportive of each other, regardless of their technical skills and that’s what makes Strawberrysoup special. I don’t think you will find an agency like it even if you see if they have web agencies in the far reaches of Machu Picchu. I feel very lucky to have worked for Neil & Keith, and long may their attitude to building a company continue.

For those joining the company, feel enlightened by the atmosphere that will greet you as soon as you walk through the door. I hope to stay friends with all who work there for years to come.

Adam's Strawberrysoup highlights!