Are you human? An alternative to CAPTCHA.

The good news is that there’s an alternative to feeling like you have an IQ of 12 when completing Captcha spam filtering tools. No longer do your users need to feel like you don’t want them to signup to your website or that you’d prefer they go elsewhere.

Captcha example

Solve the Gobbly Gook

Captcha can drive your users away especially if they have sat attempting to find a combination that they understand, let alone able to complete. Humourous examples appear on the web all the time highlighting the randomness of Captcha and in some cases the extreme difficulty that they provide. The other annoying possibility is that even with Captcha enabled on your site, that spam, you may be trying to keep out, can still get through. Reports show that scammers are paying individuals as little as $1 per 1000 solved to sit and hammer sites so apart from providing an ugly deadlock to your site, it may be pointless.


If you have used our contact form recently (go on, I dare you) you will notice that we have a Captcha installed but not one that requires text to solve but one that is based around play. ‘Are You A Human?’ decided that it’s better to use HTML 5 games in the vein of mini games to help figure out whether it’s a machine or a human attempting to submit information through forms.


Orginally created due to an angry punter being denied tickets to his favourite show because of scammers beating the Captcha solution, AYAH provides HTML 5 based games instead and it’s statistics state that there is a 40% increase on form submissions for sites using it.

So why not branch out and use a different Captcha; there are quite a few available so deviate from the plan and add some fun to your site.