Arts Bournemouth Launched

We are really proud to announce the launch of our latest branding, design and digital project, Arts Bournemouth!

The team has worked really hard with Bournemouth Borough Council over the past 2 months to design and develop the identity, advertising, print brochure, website and posters for both the umbrella brand of Arts Bournemouth and the festival, Bournemouth Arts Festival by the Sea.

Arts Bournemouth

The ethos of Arts Bournemouth is to enhance, support and promote a rich arts offer for Bournemouth. Bournemouth Borough Council’s Arts Strategy has as one of its key priorities the creation of an ‘arts festival’ for the benefit and enjoyment of residents and visitors alike that will help further the local economy. Arts Bournemouth is the umbrella brand of Arts Bournemouth Festival by the Sea, the forthcoming Arts Bournemouth website and their associated events and activities.

A new arts-focused website was launched on the 6 July at 4pm. This will not only serve as an online hub for the Arts Bournemouth Festival by the Sea, with up-to-date programming and events information, it will also be an ongoing online arts resource for the town. A key feature will be listings of arts and culture events and organizations and individuals will be able to add their events via an online form. The aim is to have a ‘one stop shop’ for what’s happening in the arts in Bournemouth. Further development will see a content-rich blog and e-magazine.

The 2011 Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival will run 3 Sept – 15 Oct, with a varied programme of visual arts, theatre, music, literature, poetry, film, dance, performance and workshops which aim to enhance, encourage and market a strong arts and culture offer for Bournemouth; delighting residents; attracting visitors; involving and promoting community; and boosting business.

Arts Bournemouth works in partnership with Pavilion Dance, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Activate Performing Arts, Arts University College Bournemouth, Bournemouth University, Bournemouth and Poole College, BNSS, and others.

To find out more about what’s happening in Bournemouth and the festival, check out

Arts Bournemouth Arts Bournemouth Arts Bournemouth Arts Bournemouth