B2B Social Media can be fun right?

Ears ringing from hearing all about B2B companies smashing it on Social Media these days?

Chances are probably not. When being faced with brands Tweeting, liking and ‘gramming in an ultra effective way, it’s more likely to be B2C’s (business-to-consumer) companies.

And of course, this is key for a brand who is speaking directly to the consumer. B2C companies were the early adopters of Social Media. And from outright engagement to handling of customer complaints, it makes sense that such strategies are at the forefront of their brand.

Now, a common thought process and often one that keeps B2B companies from immersing themselves into the Social Media stream is that “it won’t work because the industry isn’t interesting enough.”

But that’s definitely not the case. Many of these businesses are already utilising Social Media. In fact, according to Webbiquity, B2B Digital Marketing spend is predicted to increase by 14% this year. So let’s look at the best ways that’s happening.

Channels for B2B Social Media

According to Capterra there are currently five top platforms for B2B Social Media usage. If working in a B2B environment, LinkedIn is the network to make a priority. Sales pitches might be what you’re used to but with LinkedIn, you can start with making a stand-out connection.

On track to hit 2 billion active monthly users, Facebook is there for all to take advantage of and when you consider companies such as Survey Monkey, using a box full of cute puppies to advertise their guide on developing logos and packaging, we really do mean ALL.

And along with Twitter and Instagram, Snapchat has huge potential; looking at its substantial growth and platform for advertising opportunities, it’s a no-brainer. Let’s take a look at Cisco and Snapchat. Nope. Not a cool new band, but a cool new marketing strategy.

To increase User Engagement levels, Cisco employees created an internal group of Snapchat Ambassadors to churn out fresh, new content.

Now, try telling yourself again that B2B Social Media strategies can’t be a little fun.

The purpose of B2B Social Media

Marketers have the unique opportunity to meet the needs of their buyers on social channels by embracing every single aspect of the customer journey. A successful Social Media strategy will look at Brand Engagement and Demand Retention, along with the nurturing of potential prospects into customers.

It’s crucial to not only consider just how you will acquire new customers, but what steps you’ll take to consistently provide value to them, and voila! Eventually, you’ll be developing brand advocates.

Engagement is all important

Engagement is where it’s at and so you want to make sure you’re being relevant. Posting a kind of interesting tweet or updating a Facebook status once a day isn’t going to achieve B2B brand goals. Content really is key, so it’s vital that you get bloggers and professionals on board to help shape the brand’s voice and reach the target market.

Building trust

This in itself instills trust for the consumer, meaning they’re much more likely to believe what’s written. According to the Content Marketing Institute, most B2B’s seem to be aware of this. So strive for this and share your blogs in the first instance, but don’t shy away from including content from other opinion leaders in your field of expertise.

Humanise your brand

And for B2B businesses, it is oh-so-important to delve deeper into the product that may be on offer. You want to humanise what you’re all about, whilst getting people to look beyond the brand. Check out General Electric’s The Boy Who Beeps for a human and amusing approach to its advertising campaign. Ditch the corporate speak and engage in conversations with your customers with a tone of voice they can relate to.

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