Banking Made Simple with Simple

Simple started because “retail banks have forgotten who their customers are” and they work on making the every day experience with banks as well-designed and painless as possible.

We love the way that they have looked at common action or event (like managing your finances) and tried to redefine what it means to its users. There seems to be a real trend at the moment with banks trying to engage with their customers and offer helpful services like mobile applications and redesigned interfaces, but the backbone of their services stays the same. Simple is changing that.

Simple Card

Simple provide the tools and customer support that consumers need to manage, understand, and automate their everyday spending and saving. They take care of consumers whilst their bank partners take care of their money, and jointly, they promise a superior financial experience.

They’re an eclectic group of engineers, designers, and mathematicians. It’s their wide-screen and many-angled perspective that explains why Simple is the most approachable and thoughtful way to manage consumer finances. Simple is for everyone.

The user interface looks like it is going to be very, yes you’ve guessed it, simple. And there is also an iPhone/iPad application in the pipeline which will allow you to manage your finances on the go with minimal effort. We can’t wait to give this a try when it comes across to the UK.

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