Banner ads not to be ignored

From this first banner ad to appear online in 1994 – when curiosity probably would have prompted most of us to do just as the ad tells us and click it – the web has become a minefield of irritating banner advertisements that are mostly ignored.

The first banner ad to promote art museums, sponsored by AT&T

If brands want to make use of online advertising successfully, they need to work much harder now to capture and keep the attention of their target audience. So why bother if the majority of people have ‘become immune’ to banner ads? Well, a lot of people spend a lot of their time browsing the internet and being able to target people by their online behaviour is pretty useful. But rather than littering browsers with boring or annoying ads it’s important to capture users’ attention by offering something interesting to avoid banner blindness.

This isn’t anything new – as traditional advertising platforms developed, so have the ads needed to. Just like with TV ad-breaks when many of us ‘switch off’ and billboards that we drive past every day without noticing, brands need to stand out to capture attention in the first place, keep people interested and ultimately entice them to click! Here are some examples of some ‘clickable’ banner ads to take tips from: 

These two Mac vs PC ads make use of the advertising space on the web page to engage with users:

This ad encourages user participation for maximum engagement:

IKEA’s smallest store in the world banner gained a lot of traction, enabling users to search for and browse thousands of products within the ad itself

And another winner from IKEA instructing and allowing users to build their own banner ad: