Being creative – it’s not all about London

We love the big smoke, don’t get us wrong. The vibrancy of the city, the vast array of opportunities is both exciting and exhilarating. We have lots of London based clients that we enjoy working with. We even have an office there which acts as a more professional environment to meet our clients than the local Starbucks or Prét a Manger.

What we find really interesting (and frustrating sometimes!) is when we have a conversation with a potential client and they subtly mention they have a meeting with a London based agency. They seem to automatically assume that this agency can do a better job based on their location. Why does this have such an impact on the illusion of someones creativity or the ability to do the job well?

It’s correct to say that there are many fantastic agencies in London, probably more so than in any other city/town in the UK due to it’s size. The city scene is also boosted by some fantastic design colleges and universities that release inspiring graduate talent.

We just feel that London is not the only place to look. In cities and towns throughout the UK, you will find a growing base of graphic designers, web designers, illustrators and photographers that are really carving a name for themselves.

Look what’s down here

We know lots of people who have lived and worked in London and have experienced the hustle and bustle – ourselves included for a few years. We decided to move down to the South coast to get away from it all, live the lighter side of life whilst retaining our core design values.

Larger brands and corporations are starting to see the benefit of working with non-London based agencies due to their cost vs. creativity. Lots of agencies have been started up by ex-londoners seeking a better quality of life and work-life balance. You only have to look at websites like the Southwest Top 100 Creative Agencies (based on revenue) to realise the potential that the Southwest in particular has to compete with London.

Being a little biased, if you look at Bournemouth in particular, we have a fantastic range of digital and print agencies lining our golden beaches. Forget the traffic, millions of commuters, pollution and high living costs. Fresh air, beautiful scenery and lots of eager clients await.


We went to Meetdraw 6 last night in Branksome Dene Chine and it demonstrated our above points perfectly – Bournemouth has a solid base of creative digital people. The event was created to pull together the creative talent of Dorset and its surrounding cities. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and catch up regularly as well as compare stories, discuss projects and potentially gain some work.

Agencies, freelancers, students and anyone else interested in digital or print can come along and with food or drink sponsored by Dorset Design Forum, there’s no reason not to!

We would love to know what your thoughts are on London. Do you agree with us or think that it is unfair?  Answers in the comments below!