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Google eCommerce Event Round-Up

We so enjoyed being at Google yesterday and hosting an eCommerce focused event with our sister agency Vertical Leap.  ‘How to get the edge in eCommerce’ was a series of seminars on some of the latest trends in eCommerce across digital.

We had attendees from across the Retail, FMCG, Travel and Hospitality sectors which made for some great conversations around the talks. A big thank you to Vertical Leap, Google and all the people who came for making it a top day! 


Speakers and topics.

Stephen from Google kicked-off the morning talking through AI in our everyday and the likely impact of increased use of AI on digital for eCommerce. We thoroughly enjoyed Chris Pitt, Head of Marketing from Vertical Leap, and his talk on SEO for eCommerce brands. Henry Carless covered some quick (but very savvy) tips for Google Shopping campaigns with great application there and then for brands. And our own Mike Williams, Business Development Director at Strawberrysoup, took the attendees through the principles of UX in development of eCommerce websites.

We also got to hear first hand from Jim Hall, Lead Architect at KFC how the brand is looking at embracing some of the cutting-edge technologies for Customer Experience personalisation, use cases for AI & Machine Learning, Voice & Social Commerce.

AI and Machine Learning are not eliminating the need for marketers. They’re taking away the more menial tasks and allowing marketers to wield far larger amounts of effective data.

Stephen Power, Agency Development Manager, Google

Websites are not static beasts.

Mike’s session on UX for eCommerce website development focused on the importance of conventions, usability testing from the outset and tips for reducing basket abandonment.

Often when budgets are looking to be streamlined, important activities within a user-centred design process can be one of the areas that get impacted or cut out entirely, so we shared some ‘common sense’ UX guiding principles to help everyone working on projects of different sizes to help get into the right mindset.

We explored how a website development process which incorporates user research, SEO & data insights as part of your Information Architecture formalisation, together with wireframes and interactive prototyping for usability testing, will ultimately help brands put out better products.

  • If they’re easier to use, you’re likely to make more money
  • It’s far more cost efficient (it’s cheaper to fix problems earlier on)
  • It’s less risk – digital products that are tried and tested
  • It can actually help you deliver to deadline and avoid scope creep
  • It’s all about the user

Websites are not static beasts. Launching a new eCommerce website is just the start and someone needs to take ownership of driving continual improvement via ongoing measurement, testing and optimisation.


One of the biggest challenges facing every brand’s eCommerce site is wanting to stand out from the crowd. Yet to make it easy as possible for users to take the actions we want, we need to embrace convention. To stand on the shoulders of giants. And to know when it’s appropriate (and how) to innovate.

Mike Williams, Director, Strawberrysoup
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