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Our New Website

Over the last year we’ve been working hard on something of our own: our new website. We have recently launched it and we’re incredibly proud of how it’s all come together.

We began this journey over a year ago when our Creative Director, Morgan, embarked on the monumental task of reimagining how our website works for us and our prospective clients: a tricky task for any agency. He set to work picking apart the company, the services we offer and the work we’re most proud of, laying the foundations for what has become one of our most refined and distilled projects to date.

Right there, at the beginning, we discovered it wasn’t simply a website redesign that was needed. The more we considered, the more we new that revisiting our brand and who we are as an agency was essential.


Building on our strengths.

Everyone is good at something. We needed to identify the strengths within our brand. This allowed us to see areas we could refine, expand on and distill. We looked at how we speak, how we look, and how we feel. From Tone of Voice to iconography: we built out our entire identity to create a bold, approachable new digital presence that looks and feels like us, like Strawberrysoup.

Our brand is made up of seven key elements:

  • Our logos
  • Typography
  • Composition
  • Iconography
  • Colour
  • Photography
  • Tone of Voice


Clear and easy to read, we moved to Circular for our core brand font to reflect our fun and friendly nature. Circular formed the basis of the overall look and feel of our new brand. We took inspiration from the curves and lines that reflect the letters in our name and that, in turn, helped us to lock down styles for everything: from buttons through to icons.


We have a reasonably unique layout to our logo, with ‘Strawberrysoup’ being split across two lines. This formed the basis of elements such as the Menu icon, which reflects that layout, and our image collages, which mimic the logo with a unique vertical offset.


Our icons are comprised of layers of block and colour and simplified shapes. All inspired by our new typeface, we created over 20 unique icons to sit alongside our services.

Colour Palette.

Vivid pink and rich blue now shout Strawberrysoup. Our tight new colour palette is used on our site and across our documents to create a memorable and uniquely Strawberrysoup feel.



Our photography is key to our brand and shows the people behind Strawberrysoup. It reflects who we are, our personalities and that we’re real people doing work we love.

Tone of Voice.

Developing our Tone of Voice has been a collaborative effort from the people who make up Strawberrysoup. Focusing on how we talk to clients and how we present ourselves as a company has helped to define who we are and given us confidence as a company. We are not pretentious, wooly, or condescending. We are approachable, friendly and helpful.


Our website brings together every aspect of the new brand, from Tone of Voice to composition to colour. We’re worked tirelessly to ensure the site not only functions well, but provides an insight into our skillset and pushes the boundaries of web design and development. It really is a showcase of what we can do.

Case studies are our most important asset. We now showcase our case studies in an entirely new way. Each project tells a story – from beginning to end – giving a glimpse into the process and work that went on behind the scenes. We play on the finer details of each project, right down to elements like icons and back-end integrations.

We also rethought the contact process, designing around the idea of ease. The core of this is our ‘Say hello’ button, which follows users around the site for just when they need it. Click it and you can enjoy a unique, step-by-step guided journey in contacting us.

A big step forward.

We couldn’t be prouder of how our brand and site have come together over the last year, and it marks a significant change in the way we present ourselves at Strawberrysoup.

We hope you like our new brand and website. We always welcome feedback, so let us know.

Send us an email at hello@strawberrysoup.co.uk

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