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SEO superpower surges engagement and conversion rate by 43%

Explore Learning, an award-winning tuition centre across the UK for children of all abilities, provides individuals with opportunities to enhance academic skills. Strawberrysoup have been working with Explore Learning to continually optimise site performance, work on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), increase search visibility and drive Organic traffic.

Rationale for the A/B test

Based on our SEO campaign and looking to improve Search Visibility and User Engagement for, “maths and English tuition” searches, we decided the implementation of an A/B test would provide clear data to base optimisation decisions on. Our experiment was based on the data in Search Console including traffic and engagement. We took the initiative to fully optimise content, redesign and personalise the page for the following reasons:

  • The original maths and English page was not optimised successfully for SEO
  • Free trial goal completions were low
  • No insight for parents to understand what their child would academically learn
  • Imagery throughout the page was light and did not reflect personalisation of children in action at a tuition centre

It was essential to explore the overall Search Visibility and Keywords/Queries that users were entering the Explore site with, in particular the Keywords/Queries that drove them to the Maths and English entrance page. Based on the data, we highlighted that many Keywords/Queries focused on conversational search and semantic phrases such as:

“Why should my child have maths and English tuition”

“What will my child learn at maths and English tuition”

“What academic and personal skills will my child learn during tuition”

We wanted the content to answer these questions.

From a design and User Experience (UX) perspective, it was important the page was engaging, built trust through testimonials and reflected the range of members Explore work with.

“The Strawberrysoup team have been great in driving Conversion Rate Optimisation. They worked collaboratively with us to bring the maths and English tuition page to life, providing useful content for our prospective and current members. They are proactive and a great team to work with and our on-going SEO optimisation has been a real success over the past 12 months”.

Bryony Don, Digital Marketing Manager

The test

The aim of the test was to increase conversions, conversion rate and provide parents with an understanding of what their child would learn. To help drive higher User Engagement and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), the variant page focused on the following:

  • A re-structure and a functional testimonial section
  • Testimonials from various students to demonstrate the different types of members Explore work with
  • Repositioning of the testimonials section
  • Stronger, question-led headings within individual content sections
  • Insight into what skills (core and applied) children would learn during tuition
  • Equal effectiveness on mobile and desktop devices


Providing engaging and solution-led content and improving the page visually will increase (and improve the quality of) free trial form submissions, goal Conversion Rate based on free trial forms and User Engagement.

Experiment setup

We tested the original maths and English landing page with the variant (new) page, in a 50-50 split. This means 50% of the visitors would be served the original version whilst the remaining 50% would visit the variant. The experiment ran for two weeks, based on 100% of site traffic and with a 95% confidence threshold.  

Measurements we focused on throughout the test:  
  • Average Session Duration
  • Sessions
  • Pages Viewed per Session
  • Bounce Rate
  • Conversions
  • Conversion Rate based on a specific goal completion (free trial completions)

Resounding results

We monitored the test data daily for 2 weeks. It became clear the new page variant performed successfully, reaffirming our hypothesis.

Our Results saw equal goal conversions across both pages, however, comparing this to the total number of sessions within each page suggests visitors that were served the variant page completed a free trial goal more frequently than those served the original page. This indicates our optimisation tactics across the variant page were successful in assisting users decision making processes leading to an increased goal conversion rate.

Based on User Engagement, the results demonstrated a significant improvement in the number of pages viewed per session and the average session duration. This shows users were engaged with the site and proceeded to explore further. Bounce Rate for the variant page slightly increased, however, based on the 43% improvement in goal conversion rate, this suggests that the majority of users received the information and desired actioned they initially entered the site for.

As well as maintaining the number of conversions and reducing the experiment sessions for the variant page compared to the original, we also achieved:

43% Increase in Conversion Rate

2.4% Increase in Average Session Duration

6.16% Increase in Pages Viewed Per Session

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