Better Emails with Boomerang Respondable

Artificial Intelligence is lighting the online world on fire. We’re pretty sure that we’re not far off Will Smith, a robotic arm, a pair of black leather Converse and a sentient robot. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. Plus, who wants to rush into that robot revolution?

For now, we’re excited about the Boomerang Respondable emails available with Gmail’s Boomerang.

Read. Process. Respond.

Boomerang Respondable

That’s what we go through every time we whack open an email and peruse the content. It might be from a co-worker, client or boss. Whoever it’s from you need to make sure you make these three steps as easy as possible to get the information you need. In fact, it’s even more important if this is a marketing email sent to your clients. We talked last week about Campaign Monitor’s new Marketing Automation software that creates unique user journeys, but what about the content of the actual emails you send out?

Optimised Emails

You might have heard of Search Engine Optimisation, it’s something we specialise in here at Strawberrysoup, but have you heard of email optimisation? That’s what Boomerang is offering. With its unique AI integration, it has pooled millions of emails and learnt what kind of writing gets the response it needs.

Real-time scores

With a handy little green bar showing you how Boomerang Respondable your email is, you can get real-time updates on how good your email is. If you click the button it’ll give you scores on each aspect of your email and you can re-write it accordingly getting real-time updates on scores! This reminds us of the traffic light functionality used by the Yoast SEO plugin.

Our favourite part was definitely the ‘Politeness’ score. It made us chuckle. And then there’s the ‘Subject Length’ and ‘Word Count’ – that’s not going to be easy for our content department to keep down, but maybe that’s a good thing as the ‘Reading Level’ score’s bound to be good!

If you’re not sure how to improve your ‘Positivity’ score, or your ‘Subjectivity’ don’t worry. Clicking the factor will open up recommendations for you.

Better your creativity

Gmail are hyping up the human-focused aspects of this new bit of kit. They stressed that, unlike 2004’s iRobot, the Respondable AI isn’t trying to replace you. Far from it, it’s supposed to help unlock your creativity and improve your writing style and you do always have the option of ignoring its suggestions!

The AI Band-Wagon

Boomerang has been around for 6 years and it’s just gotten better with Respondable so if you like the sound of it, you might want to get on board the AI band-wagon.

P.S. Our favourite part of the Boomerang Respondable release email was at the end:

‘P.S. Respondable thinks this email is too long. We know… You can lead a horse to water…’