Branding and identity for Jenzoo & Playr2

We were commissioned to create an identity for a new breed of price comparison website focused on the gaming community along with a brand for its parent company. We took the project from name creation all the way to web development and further production. This was a dream project for the gamers within our team! Deliverables for this project ranged from lovely print collateral to an hi-tech barcode scanning mobile application.

Jenzoo Ltd

The parent company was named Jenzoo. The name was based on the Japanese term for ‘vision.’ We coupled the exotic name with an equally exotic colour palette and rich print process to make a real impression. The subtle infinity loop within the logo alludes to the idea of linking to other places. In an industry that is to some extent intangible it was important to us to represent the quality and innovation that this company brings to its activities.

Jenzoo Cards


In naming we made a point of steering very clear of the usual “” label that is so prevalent in the industry at present for businesses of this type. Comparison sites are two a penny and this project has so much more to offer. There is an argument that suggests that and exactly what it says on the tin approach is best but it would be a very drab world if this was always the case. We believe that gamers especially, but also consumers on the whole want to be inspired and challenged by brands. Respect the consumer and they will return it.

After exploring many avenues our team focused on developing an identity around the idea of the inclusive gaming and the idea of playing together. The most recognisable representation within the gaming culture of this concept is “player two.” We thought that with the new generation of consoles pushing more into the group gaming and domestic markets it made sense to appeal to this market as well as the more avid gamers out there. We were briefed that the name had to be .com and although this is a challenge we felt it really helped us push our process even further to obtain an outcome.

The brand style is clean and clear; letting the games which are notoriously vivid and rich in design, take center stage. We created some 3D illustrations to promote the different service offerings that are used on screen and POS. We also produced some very high quality print materials to promote the brand.

Playr2 Branding