Brighton SEO: Our pick of the speakers

Partly because it is in close proximity to our Chichester studio but mainly because it is our favourite SEO conference ever, The Strawberrysoup team are regular attendees of Brighton SEO. For me personally, this week’s BrightonSEO will be my first search marketing soiree – how exciting!

As my specialist field is in social media marketing, I’m looking to gain more exposure into the world of search marketing. This is to help me improve my social media work by having a better understanding of how it impacts search marketing. I have heard lots of great things about BrightonSEO, not only through hearsay within the office, but also from fellow industry recommendations; it will be a great opportunity to network with those local to me, providing a chance to broaden my horizons further.

As i’ve been studying the schedule rather closely, I thought i’d share my planned itinerary for the day. Pssst…don’t forget you can use the awesome Sched app to work your day…

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Future Proof

For the first event of the day, I will be diving headfirst into hearing from Mel Carson, discussing the importance of Personal Branding and how to create a great impression.

I feel that sometimes, personal branding is an extremely delicate balance between knowing what is relevant to the user, yet also portraying a well-rounded image… I am excited to hear his thoughts and tips on this subject.


Next on the agenda, I will be hearing from Marcus Tober, who will be discussing how Content is the key to Ranking success and natural linking. Over the next few months, Strawberrysoup plan to update our content strategy to help position ourselves as a unique digital marketing agency and integrating our key services and messaging. I’m hoping this will help to inspire some alternative content types that will resonate with our audience.

I am also excited to hear from Catherine Warrilow, who will be discussing all things PR, how to deal with PR fails and what we can learn from them. I am a strong believer in not dwelling on mistakes, but learning from them to provide a better and stronger service, so hearing from someone who is aligned with these ideas will concrete my thinking and also give me further confidence in applying these ideas from a commercial viewpoint. Plus adding further PR skills to my bow.


On a rather selfish but understandable note, this is the talk that I am particularly excited about. My role as Social Media Executive is especially applicable to this and I think I will come away from this chat with some wonderful ideas and tips from the speakers – I am really looking forward to it! Especially because Natalie Jones will be discussing creativity and humour and how they can be used in order to create wonderful content for Social; something that I will be pioneering for our own internal social media efforts.

I am also particularly looking forward to hear from Olga Adrienko and Alexandra Tachalova, both of whom have been involved with the #SEMRushchat that occurs every Wednesday at 4pm – it will be wonderful to put a face to the name!

Content Strategy

In this talk, I am particularly excited to hear from Hannah Butcher. As a lifestyle blogger, Hannah seems to be a girl after my own heart, running two blogs that surround her travelling journeys, as well as her dabblings with fitness and food too. From this, it seems that Hannah understands the necessity behind creating content that leads towards meaningful and celebrated relationships, as well as how to go about (and certainly how NOT to go about) creating a relationship between blogger and the brand. As she has experience from both sides of the coin, it will be interesting to hear her thoughts and tips into how to tap into these realms more effectively.


Lastly, but certainly not least, I will be hearing from Nathalie Nahai sharing her expertise behind web psychology, a topic that I find fascinating. Questioning the reasoning behind user’s behaviours and understanding what causes behaviours in the way that the do certainly will have an effect on the content that is created, making it more applicable to the users that you are trying to hit and also, make it more engaging and relevant to them. By applying a science behind what content is created and how to create it, it informs companies to decide what functionalities their product/website/design and content they should create, to help forge a certain path.

Phew! What a line up this year’s BrightonSEO promises to be. I for one cannot wait to dip my toe into the waters of search marketing and do what I do best, talk to people! It will be exciting to meet like-minded individuals, who not only have tons of experience but also are willing to pass on their knowledge to those looking to enhance their knowledge.

Now i’ve provided you with my top picks of the day, some of our SEO team have picked out their ones to watch this year:

  • Tori Cushing Tori describes her passion as “taking unusable or ugly data and turning it into something beautiful and actionable.” As someone who spreads the word about SEO training to Moz customers everywhere, she seems like a perfect person to meet in the early years of my digital career. 
  • Barry Adams – Strawberrysoup’s Digital Marketing Manager Jack raves about this guy. He’s dutch, yet lives in Ireland and Jack describes him as ‘absolutely bonkers’. Looking forward to potentially bumping into him!
  • James Perrin – Unfortunately James’ talk on E-commerce clashes with the Social talk that will be attending. Will aim to try and catch him in the wings however as I am sure he has many wise words of wisdom.
  • Kelvin Newman – How could we write a post on this without mentioning the man that makes it all possible? He will be moderating a couple of the talks that I will be attending, so I am excited to put a name to the face.

Whether you are a novice at these Industry events or a networking connoisseur, BrightonSEO is a fabulous opportunity to get involved with all things digital marketing in the South coast area. Attending BrightonSEO? Tweet us on @strawberrysoup