Campaign Monitor ups the ante with Marketing Automation

Imagine for a moment that you are one of your company’s customers. You’re putting yourself in their shoes (or more likely flip flops at this time of year) and you notice that their shoes aren’t like yours. That’s because your customers are unique. They have their own likes and dislikes and their own buying habits and behaviours. When you realise that, you’re thinking, well that means that a one-size fits all email marketing campaign is probably not going to hit all of your customer’s individual buttons.

So, what you gonna do?

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Campaign Monitor’s solution

You want to make your customer feel like they are your only customer in the world. You don’t want to annoy them with irrelevant marketing material. You want them to love your brand, convert and become a loyal consumer. Don’t we all want that! We live in a world of marketing personalisation. A further element of more traditional marketing that has crept into the realms of digital. 

Campaign Monitor have come up with an innovative and effective method of doing just this. With their Marketing Automation software, you can create customer journeys, and these journeys are specially designed to allow deviations from the main journey according to a customer’s behaviour. Marketing automation has options for Delays, Emails and Conditions. Below, we’ve explained these further:

Marketing Automation Options


Your customer’s journey starts with an action, such as subscribing to your emails, or an initial purchase. This is set as a ‘trigger’ in your customer journey. When your customer sets off the ‘trigger’ you can then choose a suitable marketing response such as a welcome email.


You can ‘delay’ when your email sends if you want to give your customer some breathing space. This works well if you want to ask your customer for a product review, taking into consideration physical delivery times.


You can upload all your different customer emails on to Marketing Automation and easily choose the appropriate one for each stage of your customer’s journey. For instance you might have a welcome email, discount offer email, or about us email. Many hospitality establishments also do this well when offering a discount or incentive to dine out on your birthday.


This is pretty sweet (and our favourite part of this software). ‘Conditions’ takes into account your customer’s actions i.e. did they open your email? Did they open it but not click-through to your website? Depending on the answer, the conditions will give alternative marketing options, which will then get triggered.

No more marketing dead-ends

You aren’t stuck between a rock and a hard place when marketing using Marketing Automation. If one avenue doesn’t work, don’t worry, marketing automation gives you the insight and capabilities to respond to your customer’s uniqueness encouraging higher conversion rates and happier customers! Marketing Automation helps your customer see how great your product is.

Campaigning for Apps

Using Marketing Automation with apps from Campaign Monitor’s own app store means you can pull together loads of data and make informed marketing decisions from it. Creating your own app store is no mean feat and Campaign Monitor seem to be doing it pretty well. They offer a massive range of apps which can be used in conjunction with your company’s Campaign Monitor account. Use Shopify? Google Analytics? Facebook? Magento? WordPress? Campaign Monitor has apps for all of these which can pull information into Campaign Monitor. This information can be compiled analysed and used to better your marketing strategies and effectiveness.

The best part

You can sign-up for free today! Get to Campaign Monitor and have a look at their great video on the software.