10 ways designers are using cardboard to create sustainable solutions

Cardboard has become a popular material as many designers look for more sustainable way to create products and packaging that don’t use plastic and metal. We have found 10 great ideas that we think are worth sharing.

1. Bubble wrap

We like this idea to create bubble wrap, creating the same protection but as a smaller cost to the environment.

Cardboard bubble wrap

2. Tea packaging

This packaging is made from reused materials and created a stylish place to keep your tea.

Cardboard tea packaging

3. Clothes hanger

A nice way to make a product’s packaging reusable. This t-shirt packet can be folded into a hanger.

Cardboard hanger Cardboard hanger

4. Roll out a vegetable patch
A great idea to encourage people to grow their own vegetables. With this kit it looks so easy!

Cardboard vegetable patch Cardboard vegetable patch

5. CD Case 

CD cases which can be joined together to create a set of CDs. Made from recycled and recyclable material with no glue needed.

Cardboard CD cases Cardboard CD cases

6. Eco vacuum cleaner

This was designed by a student from Birmingham and we think it’s a great idea to make a product which would usually end up in a landfill recyclable.

Cardboard vacuum cleaner

7. Clocks

These cardboard clocks are beautifully designed by Liqui Studio.

Cardboard clock

8. iPhone speaker

A foldable pocket-sized amplifier for your phone. This novel idea was created by Los Angeles organisation Eco-made. It’s recycled, compositable, made from FCS-certified cardboard and printed with soy-based inks.

Cardboard iPhone speaker

9. Furniture

I’ve seen so many different and beautiful ways to create functional furniture from cardboard, like this sheep for a fun way to organise stationary!

Cardboard shelving unit

10. Bike

Designed by a student at Sheffield University and made from one sheet of cardboard, this bike would be priced at only ! It will also, apparently, be very hardwearing and weatherproof. It would be great to see people riding around on these!

Cardboard bike