GDPR for your website

16/01/2018 / strawberrysoup

Here's the ten things you need to know about GDPR for your website...

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MYO armband lets you control technology with muscle movement

26/02/2013 / strawberrysoup

The MYO armband brings us one step closer to mind control and one step further than the magic want TV remote, allowing us to control technology with muscle movements....

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Banner ads not to be ignored
14/02/2013 / strawberrysoup

From this first banner ad to appear online in 1994 - when curiosity probably would have prompted most of us to do just as the...

Canvas kaleidoscope
05/02/2013 / Keith McGregor

We have recently come across this fun Canvas project on CodePen - A kaleidoscope controlled by your cursor movement which use...