Chichester Academy Trust branding

Chichester Academy Trust planned to revisit their current branding to develop a wider brand identity and create clear visual links between them and all their academies. We worked closely with them to develop their identity, create a detailed branding guidelines document and design marketing materials for their use.

The Trust was established by the University of Chichester to support schools in ensuring excellent educational opportunities for pupils and the development of high quality teachers. The identity needed to provide a professional, corporate look for the Academy Trust and indicate collaboration and partnership with schools. The brand pack and guidelines document show academies how to implement the Academy Trust brand elements throughout their own communications, creating consistency and symphony across the board.

We created a typographic logo to reflect a degree of gravitas on the page without overpowering any key messages or photography. The coloured band used in all communication created recognisable and memorable brand literature.

Chichester Academy Trust Chichester Academy Trust Chichester Academy Trust

Kate Davis, Senior Communications and PR Officer at University of Chichester has commented on the results of the project:

“Our requirement was quite complex as we needed a distinctive visual identity for Chichester Academy Trust that also had to work in combination with a whole range of school logos and colours.

“An important part of our approach as a Multi-Academy Trust is that our academies retain their own unique identity even as they join our academy family. This blend promised to be a design challenge but Strawberrysoup came up with a solution that is beautifully simple, clever and balanced in its application.

“It’s a plus that they are a great team of people to work with!”

We are pleased with the finished identity, and look forward to working with Chichester Academy Trust as the organisation grows.