The world welcomes yet another text editor to an ever expanding and competitive market. If text editor releases was the movie industry, this year would be the year of the sequel. We have already had the incredibly precise Sublime Text 2 released in Beta by SublimeHQ earlier this year and later this year we hopefully will see the release of TextMate 2, the beasty upgrade to Macromates’ finest hour. So why is the release of Coda 2 such a big deal. Is it really going to revolutionise how we code?

On first impressions no, but as the Beastie Boys state, ‘it takes time to build’. Coda 2 has some revolutionary features in its tidy package that means it now walks the fine line between geek loving IDe and industry/university standard Dreamweaver (that needs to change by the way in this writer’s mind). The first feature that really impresses is the inclusion of GIT through source control as any developer knows that crawling back through code using the Undo key is not the way to figure out the source of a problem. The fact that it comes packaged in the software means that users who are new to SVN, GIT will find it easy to make sure that they have permanent backups of their content. A relief to anyone who has slipped on the keyboard during a late night coding binge.

Panic have always been innovative with their software so the excitement around Coda 2 is well deserved, especially when they decided to announce Coda 2’s integration with their other surprise, Diet Coda, an ‘all in’ text editor for the iPad.

The iPad has already shown that it has to power to move mountains, so why has it taken so long for a proper text editor to appear? Of course there has been Gumbo, but its function was limited to just editing text. Diet Coda has Air Preview which allows you to view all changes you are making live to your site on the iPad. It really is a nice touch.

For full details on Diet Coda, just check it out on the Panic site. We’ll be trialling Coda 2 and Diet Coda over the next 30 days and will report back with our thoughts about whether it revolutionises the way we code.

Will you be trying Coda 2? Or do you think a different text editor is better? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.