Could .soup be the new .com?

The web is about to get a whole lot bigger. Hundreds of requests have been going through for organisations to run their own domains adding to the common ‘.com’ ‘.net’ and ‘.org’ with suffixes such as ‘.bbc’ ‘.wow’ and ‘.ninja’, opening up space for thousands of new website URLs.

To apply for a new domain, organisations have had to pay almost £120,000 and will be charged a hefty annual fee for keeping the suffix live.

This week a list of domains that organisations have bid for was released, showing brands that have nipped in to protect their identity – bidding for domain suffixes like ‘.Nike’, ‘.Apple’ and ‘.Guardian’ – as well as those who have decided to go for some more generic domains. ‘.app’ has been a popular choice, for example, as well as ‘.home’ and ‘.web’.

Google and Amazon have invested heavily, Google bidding for 101 domains and Amazon 76, while interestingly Facebook and Twitter have made no applications in the process.

Below are some of the most interesting entries from brands that have participated:


.android .and .book .buy .channel .chrome .cloud .dad .day .free .fun .fyi .game .gmail .lol .love .mail .map .meme .movie .music .new .play .search .shop .spot .talk .team .tour .tube .wow .you .youtube


.app .author .book .bot .box .buy .call .cloud .coupon .deal .dev .drive .fast .game .free .got .group .hot .joy .kids .like .mail .map .mobile .movie .news .pay .pin .read .room .safe .secure .shop .show .smile .song .spot .store .talk .tunes .video .wow .you .zero


.beauty .hair .makeup .matrix .salon .skin




.now .nowTV


.asda .george


.AFamilyCompany .baby

This initiative is expected to create up to 1,000 domain names per year, opening up masses of new webspace and with some popular suffixes like ‘.shop’, ‘.buy’ and ‘.app’ being pursued by many top organisations there are bound to be some big bidding wars coming up…. but will it be worth it?