The digital campfire

Everything’s going digital, we know that – we talk about it all the time, but when even a good old classic campfire goes digital do we weep for the loss of a simpler time or admire actually how cool it is?

This project, ‘Crystal’, is described by its creator Daan Roosegaarde as ‘Lego from Mars’. It brings the concept of people socialising around the campfire sharing stories to the 21st Century by using hundreds of LED rocks that light up in different ways when people interact with them.

The project aims to get people together and share stories using light in their own ways. It’s like lego because you can build anything you choose – letters, words, icons – using individual Crystals, but instead of lifeless plastic bricks it’s pretty LED ‘crystals’ with ‘personalities’. The Crystals are made from a unique salt which grows around the LED light and when people begin to move, share or create shapes using them, the lighting behaviour changes from ‘excited’ to ‘bored. In the creator’s words, this generates “a sensual relation between people technology and light”.

While this will never replace marshmallow-toasting campfires, it is pretty cool and a really interesting concept. Watch the video below to see  it in action and see Studio Roosegaard for more about Crystal and their other projects.