Digital guestbook app helps you keep in contact with your customers

For businesses, a growing collection of email addresses is invaluable for keeping in touch with existing customers. That’s why this digital guestbook app guest’d is great for shops, hotels and restaurants, for example, to encourage customers to leave their details syncing straight with your contact database or mail server.

Running the highly customisable app on an iPad in reception acts as a brand extension and is cleaner and more intriguing and inviting than a traditional paper guestbook, and it is available for iPhone too – a great way to collect contact details while at networking events or similar.

Once you have email addresses, the hard work really begins. While email marketing is still very much alive, it is getting harder and harder to stand out in crowded, messy inboxes.

If you want to send emails to existing or potential customers, or need to update your current email marketing to really grab your audience’s attention, we can help! We can design eye-catching templates, write engaging copy and track your campaign using our own StrawberrySend software… Get in touch if you want to chat more about our email marketing services and your options.