An uplifting new brand and website for a leading scientific consultancy.

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Elevate Scientific are one of the leading scientific communications consultancies in Sweden. They help scientific publishers, writers and researchers to enhance their writing through workshops, classes and talks. They also aim to help institutes in securing funding and grants by supporting with their applications.

We were approached to help Elevate Scientific move forward with the help of a clean, crisp new brand and visually engaging website.

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Key considerations



A key part of the branding process was taking into account the target audience. With a vast range of clients, from individual researchers to universities and institutes, the brand needed to appeal to them all.


With the new brand being used across a range of different applications, we needed to accommodate different sizes and uses. We designed two logos, very closely linked, one for larger sizes and one for smaller sizes.


Brand colour was a key part of the brand. The old Elevate Scientific brand utilised an orange-yellow primary colour. This proved to be tricky to work with as it encountered contrast issues when on white.

We built upon their original colour to bring them to a much richer, deeper orange that stands out from their competitors and really catches the eye.

From concept to completion

We began the branding process by creating a range of different concepts. We then presented these to the client, who selected the ones they liked.

These were then pushed and developed further to lead us down one strong route. This was then expanded upon to become the Elevate Scientific brand.

We kept the client in the loop every step of the way through the branding process, ensuring they had ample visibility of the concepts and brand progression.

A word from
Dan / Client

“Strawberrysoup developed our new brand identity, and designed, built, and now hosts, our website. From the get-go to the delivery of new brand guidelines and launch of the website, the team at Strawberrysoup have been a pleasure to work with. They were thorough in understanding our needs, asking the right questions, were responsive and professional throughout the entire process, and offered creative solutions that enabled us to develop and take the communication of our brand to the next level. I’ve no hesitation recommending them.”

Brand Guidelines

As part of the finalisation of the new brand, we developed a highly detailed document for the client outlining their new brand, and setting a defined set of rules for how the brand should and shouldn’t be used.


All the imagery chosen for Elevate Scientific was designed to integrate tightly with their new brand. Taking their new colour palette, we ensured that every image used used colours from the same orange. This was achieved in hints as well as across entire images where more impact was required.


Each image needed to represent something scientific, covering all aspects of the industry. Some of the images are more abstract, whereas others are more literal.


Images are used across the entire brand identity. From the website, to printed media, we ensured that image style played a key role in the new brand. Rules were outlined in the brand guidelines, along with usage recommendations and suggestions.


Some images required a focus on a single subject, so selecting imagery that was engaging enough to accommodate this was key.

A word from
Scott / Project Manager

“The project was a great example of collaboration as we worked closely with the Elevate Scientific team to rebrand their product offering and build a slick, visually appealing site to showcase the new brand”.

Branded beauty

Following the branding process, we then began work on redesigning the Elevate Scientific website. Our process started with a close look at the UX and user journey. We split out the service offerings into two clearly defined sections – services for users who know what they need, and a selection of solutions for users.

Once this was finalised, we began to run the new brand across a new website. The result is a visually stunning website that aims to entice users through their journey.

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