Engauge Online launched and supported by Strawberrysoup

Engauge is a unique concept created to support schools, local communities and businesses who wish to develop and maintain environmental, social and economic stability. The website offers a range of functionality and resources including an online sustainability self-assessment tool, links to a range of sustainability specialists and practical guidance and case studies to demonstrate good environmental, social and economic practices.

The core aim was to produce an online portal to promote sustainability in its most holistic form. Children are very much encouraged throughout education to learn about environmental and resource issues however Engauge is about the whole package…from Waste to Water, Wellbeing to Heritage – Engauge Online covers it all which is why it’s such a powerful guide and support for our schools to adopt.

The website uses HTML5, JavaScript and AJAX technologies throughout the ‘my account’ area giving users a smooth and usable experience. The design of the website has been researched and formulated with target user groups in mind to ensure it is encouraging, engaging and relevant.

The programme is set to growth over the next 6 months as it starts to gain some momentum.  We are proud to be part of the campaign and as it moves more into businesses and community over the coming months and years we are keen for Strawberrysoup to lead the way in ensuring we are an advocates for sustainability in our sector.

Engauge Online Engauge Online Engauge Online