Fancy getting lost? There's an app for that!

One of the best things about digital is the way that it helps enhance, real – offline – life. It helps you chat face-to-face with friends and family across the miles, find out what’s going on in your city at the click of a mouse or tap of a screen and with the help of Maps on your smartphone, you never have to experience getting lost again.

Unless you want to.

You’ve probably walked around holding your phone out infront of you to help you find your way at some point or another. Now you can use your phone to help you get lost in familiar places.

While stressful sometimes, getting lost is one of life’s little pleasures that satnavs and Google Maps mobile apps have snatched away from many of us – it’s when aimlessly walking around not knowing where you’re going that you really take in and appreciate your surroundings.

This new mobile app, Drift, helps you do just this by giving direction prompts and asking you to document your walk with pictures. Check it out in action: