Music to help you focus@will

Whether you work in digital or not, technology has probably had an effect on your industry in some way or another. One thing that digital has brought to the world of work is an ever-growing number of productivity tools – shared calendars, dynamic to do lists, time trackers and a mountain more. But with this, digital and the web brings us endless distractions.

This is why the guys behind focus@will have developed more technology to help you focus without becoming distracted. The website (currently in beta) uses audio designed to help people to concentrate for longer periods of time. Playlists, including ‘Ambient’, ‘Mystical Spa’ and ‘Alpha Chill’, run for 100 minutes – when you should take a break to maximise productivity – and helps you to stay in the zone by changing the pace, key, intensity, speed or style of the music every 20 minutes.

All the music in the playlists has been specifically chosen to ‘sooth the limbic system’, which is the part of your brain which is often preoccupied thinking about your surroundings, food, succumbing to your Twitter addiction or getting in a quick game online. We’re looking forward to giving it a try once it’s out of beta.

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