GIFs come off the screen and into your hand with Gifpop

This Kickstarter project caught my eye because I love things the idea of things that cross over from the digital to the physical world for a change, while we’re usually working out how we can ‘go digital’ with just about anything.

GIFs have been all over the World Wide Web for years and now Rachel Binx and Sha Hwang have found a way for animated GIFs to exist off-screen. Using lenticular printing, a technology that’s been around since before the Internet in the 1940s, Gifpop will enable people to make customised greeting cards from animated GIFs, Vines and Instagram videos uploaded by the user.

Their Kickstarter aim of $5,000 has been well and truly smashed with over $26,000 pledged and still 19 days to go, so I’m excited to see the project develop!