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Harnessing social media to introduce a new product category.

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Go Splash is the refreshingly unique water enhancer that brings fun and flavour to water, created to celebrate the individual tastes of those seeking low-calorie refreshment.

We worked with Go Splash to create, develop and implement an ongoing digital marketing strategy, with campaigns around key time periods and events, such as the addition of new flavours to the initial range.

An entirely new market

Water enhancers were a brand new category. Consumers were used to squash and cordial, but not super-concentrated water enhancers. We had to inform consumers about this new product category, how it worked, the benefits and where to buy it. An interesting challenge was how we would compete with Robinsons who had just launched Squash’d off the back of seeing Go Splash! in development.

With this in mind, the social marketing messaging focussed on Go Splash as a well-established, tried and tasted range whilst highlighting the USPs and differentiating the brand from its competitors.

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This project was all about informing customers about a new product offering. It’s different to cordial and squash, so we had to demonstrate how it works, what it is and the benefits from the start

Solid social strategy

Following our research and audit of the current social media performance, we formalised a strategy for the campaign, taking into account the audience targeting and channels to focus on, the appropriate content strategy, community building and management work we would engage in.

After the initial setup of branded Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts we worked to our content and publishing calendar, administering full management of all marketing messages across all social media channels and the paid social advertising campaigns, whilst as well as engaging with the audience we were building, responding to consumer comments and queries on behalf of the brand.

We used the social media campaign to tie-in with and support the Go Splash events team, driving engagement with competitions, sampling and demo events.


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Making waves

A higher audience growth trajectory than industry competitors, Facebook likes that continue to grow at rates far faster than main competitors Robinsons, Vimto and Oasis, and Go Splash’s fan engagement is consistently higher.





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