Great typographical expectations

‘Page 1: Great Expectations’ is what happens when you tell 70 designers to design and lay out the first page of the classic Charles Dickens novel, a fantastic experiment exploring relationships between graphic design, typography and literature.

The book displays many very different interpretations of the brief, demonstrating a huge level of creativity with just design and typography. As well as looking good on the page, each interpretation generates a different experience for readers. Particularly interesting is the page with just two QR codes which, when scanned, brings up the text on your mobile device.

London studio GraphicDesign& are responsible for the project, saying:

Page 1 is not just a book for graphic designers, it reveals the power typography has to influence and affect the way we all interpret a text. Many readers will be surprised by the attention to detail and level of engagement with the narrative on display, and aficionados of Dickens will be charmed by the idiosyncratic approaches to this much-loved text.