Using #hashtags for marketing

When used well, hashtags can be a great tool for a brand, (Twitter modestly claims that they are ‘one of the most valuable assets in any modern marketing campaign’) but often there isn’t enough thought into which hashtags are used and why.

Here are our top tips to keep in mind when choosing a hashtag as part of your marketing campaign:

  • Keep it short – People already have a short character limit for their tweets, you want them to have room to include your hashtag.
  • Keep it clear – Your hashtag should ideally sum up your marketing campaign, giving people a snapshot of your brand message in just a word or short phrase.
  • Keep it consistent – Make sure you use the same hashtag throughout your campaign. Simple, but a mistake often made!
  • Keep adding value – Don’t just keep tweeting your hashtag for the sake of it, or adding it to every unrelated tweet, people will get fed up and view it as spamming. Make sure that everything you share adds value to your followers’ feeds and is of interest to your target audience.
  • Keep the conversation going – Follow what people are tweeting with your hashtag and respond to them. Social media is about conversation so generate chatter with your audience and keep it going!

Twitter itself has published a blog and a fun infographic giving pointers about how to use hashtags as part of an integrated marketing campaign, whether you’re creating something new as part of your campaign or joining in with an existing conversation.

See Twitter’s ‘Choosing a hashtag’ flow chart below and see the blog post for their thoughts about making the most of hashtags. It’s a good starting point to getting you to think about the reasons you want to use a hashtag, and how to go about choosing one.

Choosing a hashtag

Featured image from Etsy.