Hatstand Green Berets

Hatstand Ltd is an international recruitment consultancy which provides specialist advice and support for recruitment to the financial services industry. It has a graduate recruitment scheme called Hatstand Green Berets which needed a new website to help promotion and facilitate growth.

Aims & objectives

The main aim of the site is to acquire potential candidates to be placed in job roles at some of the biggest names in banking. The target audience are developers here so a “no-nonsense, get to the point” design was needed but it can’t look boring.

The development side was actually relatively straight forward; a content managed website with a custom made jobs module was created and this has given Hatstand Green Berets a huge amount of flexibility. They can even change the banners which can change the entire look and feel and also the message they are trying to communicate.

Even though the functionality of this site was quite simple, we couldn’t help ourselves and we threw in (at no extra cost!) a couple of little bits of functionality to make the lives of the Hatstand Green Berets team that little bit easier.

This all came into it’s own through the jobs module, Hatstand Green Berets can manage applicants (in the initial stages) completely from the CMS with out sending a single manually created email. Online applicants can be rejected or approved or even recommended for a job with one click. With that one click an appropriate email in generated and sent automatically.

Happy clients!

Overall we love this website and if any of us were looking for a job (Hyperthetically of course!) in the banking sector, this site would definitely be of interest. We’re also looking forward to see how Hatstand Green Berets manage to play with the look of their site by replacing the banners.

The Hatstand Green Berets team have expressed how happy they are with the result, so much so they have asked us to help them create a site for their main brand which we can’t wait to get stuck into.

Hatstand Green Berets