Hudson River Project by Anthony Crook & James Bowthorpe on Kickstarter

This project is close to our heart as it’s a collaboration between our friends Antony Crook and James Bowthorpe. They have worked on projects together over the last two years and the Hudson River Project is their next collaboration. The band Mogwai are also involved and will be writing an original soundtrack for the film.

It’s a simple idea. Build a boat from New York City’s waste, take it to the source of the Hudson River – the river without which the city would not exist – and row the boat back to NYC.

This story connects the source of the Hudson River to NYC, the great city that sits at its mouth.

The film follows James as he makes a boat from NYC’s waste, the detritus of a modern megalopolis, and takes it to the source of the Hudson River high in the Adirondack Mountains, at Lake Tear of the Clouds.

He rows the boat back to NYC, through wilderness, countryside, farms, towns and industry, all of which rely on the mighty river that flows past, all of which are threads of the river’s story.

They’re going to make a film that follows James as he does this. Antony will be shooting it himself and directing a small crew, documenting the project from Manhattan to Lake Tear of the Clouds and back to Manhattan again.

They want to make a film that is a portrait of the city and the river, something that will reflect the beauty and complexity of both through one simple idea.

They are looking for $100,000 from Kickstarter and will be seeking top up funds from more traditional sources as our campaign unfolds.

The entire shooting process, from day one of collecting materials in Manhattan to James’ return to Battery Park, will take 8 weeks. They will be operating with a minimal crew with Antony shooting most of the footage. However, they want to capture Lake Tear of the Clouds, the Hudson River and New York City in all their captivating beauty, so they’ll also be taking a 2nd camera person with them and they hope to use a helicopter to shoot the higher reaches of the river. They are saving money wherever possible but they also want to do the film justice – the budget for the shoot stands at $100,000.

Their post-production budget is $160,000, including everything from the costs involved in Mogwai recording the soundtrack, editing and grading the film properly to an online experience that will work alongside the film, being developed by interactive director Ben Tricklebank.

If you think that you’d like to help Anthony and James, check out their Kickstarter for more details.