Innovative designs for social good

My Favourites from the Designs of the Year 2013

I was overwhelmed by the great designs showcased at the Design Museum’s exhibition this year. It’s great to see so many designs nominated that combat social issues including clever solutions for 3rd world problems and products that assist people with a disability.

Here are some of my favourite innovations for social good from the exhibition:

Child Vision Glasses

Self-adjustable glasses so that wearer can change the prescription until they can see clearly.

Child vision glasses

Designed by The Centre for Vision in the Developing World and Goodwin Hartshorn.

Kit Yamoyo (Winner)

A wedge shaped container that fits into a crate of Coca Cola, providing much needing help in hard to reach places.

Kit Yamoyo

Designed by ColaLife and PI Global

100 Chairs

A range of chairs handmade by ex-prisoners in Columbia.

100 Chairs

Designed by Marni

Air Access Seat

Concept aeroplane seating to allow easier access.

Air Access Seat

Designed by Priestmangoode 

E- Source

An amazing solution to help people in developing countries recycle wire safely.

E- Source

Designed by Hal Watts

Morph Folding Wheel (Winner)

This wheel means that a wheelchair could be easily folded, making it more portable.

Morph Folding Wheel

Designed by Vitamins for Maddak Inc.