Interactive Transaction Solutions

Having worked with many online card processing companies due to the nature of our business is was great to acquire Interactive Transaction Solutions – a leading purchasing card supplier.

We spent a number of hours scoping the project with ITS to ensure the new website was going to deliver for them across their core user base. A number of bespoke elements of functionality were agreed such as a contact form tracker which allow ITS to monitor what pages / call to actions on their new website perform better than others. This gives ITS the necessary information to make ongoing changes and improvements to individual pages on the site in an attempt to improve performance.

ITS were a great example of a company that required a number of custom tweaks on their StrawberrySystem content management platform. StrawberrySystem is our bespoke solution that allows us to mould solutions around a clients business rather than a business around a solution. Something ITS were keen to take advantage of.

Before development, usability expert reviews were carried out internally to make sure the site communicated the ITS services accurately. On the old website ITS found that users found their products difficult to understand which reduced the chances of generating enquiries. The new website had to overcome this hurdle by splitting up the companies services into easy to understand manageable pieces. Feedback to-date suggests this was achieved.

We are now working closely with ITS and monitoring the success of their new website and are also discussing the potential of working on 2 other projects in the near future. All very exciting!

Interactive Transaction Solutions