Is the future of communication digital birdsong?

Chirp is a new app allowing users to send data to each other’s devices through the medium of sound.

It works by saving an image, link or message to the cloud and converting it to a digital sound clip – kind of like a audio QR code. Another Chirp enabled device nearby will then hear the sound and decode it to receive the data. You can see it working in the video below:

We’ve been playing around with it in the studio and while it seems like it could well be just one of those amazing new ‘toys’ that you soon lose interest in, it has made us think of many exciting ways this communication technology could be utilised in the near future. You can download the app (available free on iPhones now, coming soon to Android) and see what you think for yourself.

The app developers have also hinted at some interesting additions that can be expected from their premium version for marketers and business – we look forward to trying it out!

What is great about using this technology is that Chirp can receive data from anything that can play sound, so these digital soundclips can be played through the radio, tannoy speakers, making the potential usage of the technology pretty widespread. It’ll really be really interesting to watch how this method of communication develops in the world of mobile devices and beyond!