John McFaul joins Strawberrysoup as Creative Director

John McFaul, Creative Director of StrawberrysoupWe are really proud to announce that designer, educator, writer and thinker, John McFaul has joined our team as Creative Director.

He co-founded Black Convoy, the revered multi-disciplinary art and design collective, back in 2004. Then, after launching one-stop-hot-shop McFaulStudio, he watched with pride as its global reputation soared to challenge some of the most revered creative teams in the industry and give the most powerful agencies in advertising a run for their money. McFaulStudio was the perfect place to explore and innovate through art & design projects.

As a founding member and a director of the South Coast Design Forum, John is going to help to steer Strawberrysoup strategically, advise our design team and generally nurture the business towards its future business goals.

Previous clients include: Audi, Toyota, Levi’s, Nike, brand Jordan, Carhartt-Europe, Havaianas, Orange, Vodafone, Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Microsoft, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, BBC, The Times, British Telecom, IBM, Cancer Research UK, Red Bull, Lucasfilm, Vintage TV, Luma and Colnago.

He also likes to ride bicycles (perfect for our team), run and swim and is well known for some epic attempts in each discipline and combined.