Lifelong Learning – Industrial Placement

I started my year long industrial placement with Strawberrysoup back in August, where I was welcomed with open arms. Since then, I have been treated as a regular team member and worked on a wide range of exciting and unique web design projects.

The experience I am gaining has enabled me to develop my interpersonal skills including client & colleague communication, problem solving, decision making and finally sales and marketing.  I am also pleased to say that I have further developed my web development knowledge and skills and am sure that these will help me develop my future web design career.

Over the past four months I have been able to put the theory that I have learnt to date from my degree into practice and have worked on over 20 different projects with each website being completely different from the last.

The main skills that I have been using on a day to day basis are:

  • Flash (Using Action-script),
  • CSS
  • Basic PHP
  • Accessibility
  • Focusing on WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) Compliance

I have had the pleasure of undertaking the build of several websites from the design stage to project completion.

Working from the design phase of each project has given me the opportunity to further develop my self confidence and the ability to use my own initiative – making decisions about how to break down the site into dynamic and non dynamic areas. This is important when working with StrawberrySystem (Strawberrysoup’s own bespoke CMS), as the clients require the ability to add, edit and remove certain areas of the website.

Working for a professional web design agency has given me lots of valuable experience and I have learnt many new things to date including how to effectively manage projects, work with clients and develop industry leading websites.

Strawberrysoup have given me the opportunity to meet and work directly with small and large scale business projects, creating and developing anything from a small brochure site to huge bespoke e-commerce websites which sell thousands of products.

Working at strawberrysoup for the last four months has been a very enjoyable whereby I have gained much valuable experience which I know I will be able to apply to my future career.