Linkedin redesign for richer content

Linkedin has announced a long overdue redesign with a cleaner, simpler and more dynamic homepage.

Still centered around a news feed, the new design offers quicker access to relevant information and makes it easier for visitors to scan the page for interesting articles, aiming to make the go-to site for industry news. It will include an auto-scrolling feature populating the homepage with more articles as the user scrolls down the page – a great way to keep people interested and increase visit duration.

Twitter’s recent breakup with Linkedin has the potential to make the professional networking site a stronger resource, providing richer content rather than regurgitated tweets. The improvements to the navigation and interface of the site is a step toward catching up with the social network’s (surprisingly) good iPad app launched a few months ago, which is centered around news discovery with a Flipboard-esque interface.

The new design is set to roll out to users over the next few weeks and will be followed by some new features for improved functionality and customisation, perhaps enticing some users back after their recent password hacking incident!