Mailbox puts email in its place

There is a lot of excitement about Mailbox, and rightly so. This new email app responds to how we all wish our emails could work (even if you didn’t know it yet) and the constant desire for ‘Inbox Zero’.

The app has been designed around the fact that the amount of emails coming through each day can become a little overwhelming, and the weight that is lifted from our shoulders when we manage to empty our inboxes!

Emails always come in that you can’t or don’t need to deal with right now but you can’t just file – Mailbox allows you to swipe to ‘snooze’ these emails until later, tomorrow or when you need or want them… or you can archive or delete them just as easily.

You can reserve your Mailbox and find out a bit more about the story behind the app at We can’t wait to get to use it!