Marks & Spencer iPad app created by Strawberrysoup

Marks & Spencer’s business sales sector has recently launched an iPad app built by Strawberrysoup!

We were approached by M&S For Business to create an app for their sales representatives to use to demonstrate their corporate incentive, reward and gift programmes.

The app communicates the Marks & Spencer brand identity so it was important for it to be in line with and emphasise M&S’ positive brand image. Our design and development teams worked closely to build an application that not only looks great but works perfectly too, making sure not to let the sales representatives down when it matters the most.

The sleek design provides a smart way to show potential clients case studies, options and testimonials for their incentive scheme. It works great on the iPad being mobile & able to plug into larger, higher quality screens when necessary.

Using gestures and swipes, the presenter is able to jump seamlessly from each section and to or from particular case studies. This allows each presentation to be individually tailored to the situation while appearing linear to the viewer.

We feel honoured to have been trusted with this project and are really happy with the finished product! For some more information and details about the project, see our portfolio.