Searching on mobile: UX basics

When you go to a supermarket, list in hand, do you meander around the whole shop, crossing off each individual item as you go? Traditionally people may have done this and some may take their time going through nearly every aisle. But more often than not, the of the game is to reach those sought after items quickly and without any pain.

Any modern business will know the importance of thinking mobile-first when it comes to making the user experience of its eCommerce site as smooth as possible.

With the technologies available and almost instantaneous, mobile optimised site searches are going to hugely boost your chance of selling your product or experience.

A recent report on the subject from Forrester Research says 43% of site visitors “navigate immediately to the search box, while searchers are 2-3x more likely to convert” than those who don’t seek out the search box.

Creating a simple user interface guides any customer from one of their searches straight to the checkout in one straightforward journey

In converting customers on your eCommerce site, the journey needs to limit bounce-backs, error messages, while at the same time being exemplary at the basics, including stamping out bad spelling, grammar and visually checking content is where it should be.

One /
Display search bar prominently


Two /
Use sensible defaults and suggestions


Three /
Autocomplete suggestions can help save time for users


Four /
Apps should ensure to store recent searches to assist users


Five /
Voice search adds value particularly for apps where search is typically ‘on the go’


Six /
Intuitive and easy to use search and filtering is a must


Capitalising on ‘micro-moments’

Something also worth getting your teeth into is Google’s guide on ‘Micro-Moments’. In helping you to create the best mobile version of your website, optimised for searches, it has discussed its findings about human behaviour around people using websites on their mobile.

It describes its ‘micro-moments’ as “critical touch-points within today’s consumer journey”. These moments are when people and potential customers turn to their device in search for information or inspiration.

It’s worth noting that 91% of smartphone users turn to their phones in the middle of a task, with 82% of users consulting their phones before they make a purchase.

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