Moleskine's Livescribe Notebook

Moleskine has teamed up with Livescribe Smartpen to create the ultimate analogue-turned-digital notebook every creative could put to good use.

Drawing out diagrams on a laptop or even using a stylus to sketch on an iPad is never quite the same as putting good old pen to paper – especially when noting down initial ideas and plans – but it can be time consuming to re-type or re-draw things from your notebook to be able to share them with your team or clients. And sometimes, a photo attachment just doesn’t cut it.

Livescribe Moleskine Notebook

In Moleskine’s words, this Livescribe Notebook allows you to “enjoy the convenience of digital whilst indulging in the tactile pleasures of pen and paper, for a seamless creative experience.”

Every idea you note down or sketch you draw in the Molekine is copied to your device, where you can build on it further, share it with people, or even copy and edit text with its handwriting recognition technology.

Each page of the notebook also includes markers so you can tag, flag or star pages to keep your notes organised, and the pen can also capture sound enabling you to keep audio notes alongside those you’ve jotted down.

Livescribe Moleskine Notebook

The Notebook is not currently available in the EU Moleskine store, but we’re hoping to get our hands on one soon and are looking forward to using it!

Livescribe Moleskine Notebook