MYO armband lets you control technology with muscle movement

The MYO armband brings us one step closer to mind control and one step further than the magic want TV remote, allowing us to control technology with muscle movements.

The armband picks up and translates the muscle activity in your arm when making gestures that are either second nature (like holding your hand up to stop or pause) or that we’re used to from touchscreens and trackpads (waving two fingers in the air to scroll, the same way you do on Mac trackpads).

This video shows it working with computers, game consoles, vehicles and even technology like Google Glass and could change the way we control and use devices.

They’re not available to buy just yet, but you can preorder on their website for $149 and their API is available for developers to experiment with the technology. I’m sure there will be lots of exciting apps and uses designed specifically around the MYO technology.