Myspace: The comeback

Wait, Myspace still exists?

Apparently so, and the brand seems determined to fight for its life with a complete relaunch and backing from Justin Timberlake… Right.

Aside from the new UI – which looks really nice by the way, taking the Windows 8-esque modular approach focusing very much on imagery – the brand has taken a big step away from its roots as a social network.

A wise idea as it hasn’t really been cutting it against Facebook in recent years. Instead, it makes use of the dominant social platforms by giving users the options to pull photos and friends from Facebook and post updates through to Twitter.

Admitting defeat in the social network game is a good move for Myspace and the relaunch focuses on what the platform is most recognised for – music, whether you make it or just love it – while continuing to ’empower people to express themselves however they want’.

While not pushing itself as a social network, the new Myspace introduces itself as a great tool for musician-fan communications – something many people love about Twitter – and includes some interesting fan analytics.

Rebuilding the site and brand from the ground up should help Myspace to establish a clearer, more defined place in the market and it definitely has potential to regain its popularity… but we’ll see!

The video below is a great  teaser for the new Myspace, and you can sign up for an invitation at