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So this week Facebook Creative Labs has launched their answer to Snapchat and it’s, well, like Snapchat. The main difference is, though, is that you have to send your friends something so that you can see what they’ve sent you.


It’s kind of like a cross between Snapchat and Rando – the ‘intentionally antisocial’ app created by Ustwo with which you could receive a photo from someone random across the world when you send one out yourself. Except it’s not quite as exciting as that, because instead of a photo of scenery in Japan, you’re more than likely going to be getting a picture of your friends shoes or something instead.

I really liked the concept of Rando and think it brought something different to the crowded world of mobile apps. Unfortunately Rando is no longer with us because the experimental project grew bigger than the team and servers could handle and, well, it just wasn’t sustainable.


Personally, I don’t have much hope for Slingshot as it is. Everything people want it to do, they can already get from Snapchat. We’ll see what Facebook do with it!

Snapchat’s Our Story update

Just before the launch of Slingshot, Snapchat introduced another new feature, Our Story. This takes their Story feature that strings snaps into a narrative and opens it out to communities of people at events to contribute to and create a story together. Anyone at EDC in Vegas this weekend will be able to test this feature out by sharing their photos and videos and viewing moments from everyone else’s point of view too. I’m looking forward to seeing Our Story being used in festivals and smaller events moving forward.

Snapchat Our Story


A few of us (mainly the girls, we admit) have been swooning over Depop this week. A cross between Instagram and eBay with perhaps a splash of Etsy – What’s not to love? I feel that this app has got it right with working in the way many of us like to browse, buy and sell and the whole process is super easy (and a little addictive).


Isle of Wight Festival

Last weekend I was having fun in the sun at the Isle of Wight Festival. Beforehand, I downloaded their official app which was great because I could view the full schedule of artists across all stages on all days and create my own timetable by choosing the artists I wanted to see. During the weekend too, I found that the app did everything I’d want it to and more. The map was super handy to help us find the different stages, food places, toilets and everything… and the fact I could add a pin to where our car was parked and where our tent was pitched was really useful! The great thing was that I could use the app just as well while my phone was on Airplane mode to save battery (other than using GPS and viewing the Instagram feed etc.), perfect!

IOW festival app

What great new apps have you discovered recently? Let us know!