New Branding and Website for Denise Kelly

Denise Kelly, as a Nutritional Therapist provides personal, professional and unique advice on how anyone can improve the quality of their health. She can help deal with chronic or acute diseases, help with boosting the immune system, increase energy levels, enthusiasm and vibrancy for life.

As this was a completely new business venture, Denise Kelly needed full branding together with a vibrant but simple website.

The entire Denise Kelly (or DK) brand comprises of 2 other brands, K4 Fit Kidz and The Fridge Detective. Although all 3 brands are within the health and fitness sector, each offers something different.

Although the website part of this project was relatively small, it was the branding and ‘voice’ that proved to be the biggest challenge. As this was a new business a huge amount of consultation between Strawberrysoup and Denise Kelly occurred. Understanding the direction of the business was key to developing a great looking website.

Denise Kelly