New Flash Website for Bonnier Publishing

Bonnier Publishing is a £600m group of book publishers that consists of Five Mile Press, Templar, Weldon Owen, Piccolio and Autumn Publishing.

During the last 10 years, the group has grown through acquisitions and recently decided that they needed a new, fresh and vibrant website to promote their businesses.

Rather than a standard website structure and design, Bonnier Publishing wanted to design and develop a site that would be welcoming and guide the user through the group of companies and the people behind Bonnier Publishing.

Design and usability

The core concept around the design was based around a living room. The CEO of Bonnier Publishing wanted to welcome users to the website and explain what different sections of the site were for. It was important to highlight interactive elements through the design with motion and to keep users entertained with subtle animations like the goldfish in the tank or the flags on the shelf.

Custom Functionality

All of the content on the website is driven by our bespoke content management system and pulled into the Flash site using XML.

This gives Bonnier Publishing the flexibility they need to manage the website and update it as often as they need. We are very proud of how this site has turned out and we feel that it a perfect example of great design and solid functionality.

Bonnier Publishing